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Millennium Academy International is a premiere academy in international certification courses. Our distance learning program employs state-of-the-art eLearning classroom. Our virtual webinar fully supports an interactive whiteboard, chat, writing tools, face-to-face communication, file and screen sharing that enables our teachers to teach you more effectively in a whole new fun learning environment. We are bringing a new style of learning

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TIELC USA, our regulatory and accrediting academic body, is the world's premiere choice for TEFL/TESOL education and Continuing Professional Development certificate courses for students. We enjoy  the distinction of being able to offer license programs and Master's courses from the State of Georgia, USA. 

Here at Millennium Academy, you are entitled to earn a certificate and license plus the chance for global placement in our worldwide job placement assistance exclusive to our graduates. 



The highest standards of academic excellence are the hallmarks of our dedication to quality. We are committed in the service of education with the aim of helping our students become better in their lives. We have a team of professional teachers who are all highly trained to handle English and academic students. We require our teachers to have a teaching license and TEFL certification. They have undergone intensive teacher training and seminar workshops. Our teachers hold the reputation as one of the best teachers and they have excelled all the world over. We have a friendly and accommodating staff. You can any one of us if you have any questions. 

Here at Millennium Academy International, we L-O-V-E our students! We treat our students with utmost care while put dedication in our work. Plus, we ensure that we are able to assist our students in any way from the moment of enrollment and up to the time they graduate or seek assistance for global job placement



We have been providing quality English education, training and development since 2006. Our goal is to provide excellent English and academic certification services to everyone in the world. We believe that every person has a right to easy access to education.

We have invested our resources to optimize the use technology and develop an eLearning platform where teachers will be able to connect with students from overseas interactively. The eLearning platform itself is a wonder. It has an online whiteboard for lesson presentation and a full complement of writing, drawing and text tools. In one word, it's awesome!

Our team is the founder of EEFA (English Education for All), a non-profit organization comprised of teachers and volunteers who devote teaching part-time to Filipino urban and rural poor kids. Part of the income of the company is allocated to maintain a steady and continuous growth of the organization in order to help a lot more beneficiaries who cannot afford to study at school.