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PHILIPPINES LARGEST ENGLISH LANGUAGE SCHOOL: SMEAG Philippines Training Center has 3 campuses in Cebu, Philippines. With a capacity of 850 students, it is the largest English educational institution in the Philippines. Each campus has its own specialized program and its operation and management systems offer a unique experience to all students 45% being Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese or Taiwanese. Our international teaching center has the biggest population of students from different countries. We believe that interaction and communication with different cultures will strengthen every students social and language skills. In addition, these students will be able to establish a wider interpersonal relationship, not only in their school time but also beyond their studies.

IELTS TARGET SCORE GUARANTEE COURSE 98% SUCCESS RATE: 98% percent of our IELTS examinees have reached their target score while studying at our center. All students can practice their skills during the weekly IELTS Mock exam. Students who are registered for the IELTS course for more than 12 weeks (Pre-IELTS is excluded) will receive a free IELTS exam. Our highly-qualified teachers goes through a stringent seven-step selection criteria and three months of intensive training. The teachers regular evaluations and seminars are conducted to assure they deliver excellent teaching methods for the most efficient language learning experience of the students.

ANNUAL ALUMNI OF 4,000 STUDENTS: Due to their satisfaction in the academic excellence and the high level of education offered, recent graduates (an average of 4,000 students graduate from SMEAG every year) have been recommending SMEAG Networks Philippines Training Center to their friends and families. By staying in constant contact and having reunions with their fellow batches from various countries, graduates help build and expand the SMEAG network.

A WIDE SELECTION OF AVAILABLE SMEAG PATHWAY PROGRAMS: SMEAG Philippines Training Center is the only IELTS Testing Center and Resource Center that is certified by the British Council, and the only GAC Teaching Center in the Philippines. SMEAG Philippines Training Center operates a variety of college admissions and training programs for students who wish to study overseas. Through the association of universities and educational institutions in various countries, such as the United States, Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom, Singapore, amongst other countries.