Registration & Payments


  • Only certified by Tielc members are charged the registration fees of $120.00. Those who have never been our certified graduates MUST submit the fees as ”Uncertified Individuals” and acquire our certificate prior to arrival or in the process of workshop training.

  • Our franchisees are allowed to submit group registration fees for 5 of their staff members or certified graduates as “Certified Group” members. This does not refer to groups of other than our franchisees – corporations or training centers. They need to submit group registration fees as “Uncertified Group” members.

  • The price for Individual fees “Certified” or “Uncertified” could be submitted depending on number of guests arriving. However, we applied discounts on group fees for both Group categories to register their 5-member group as 1 (Qty). Therefore, to avoid erroneous entries, each group of 5 people can choose 1 (Qty) package fee. It is important that this group of 5 people belongs to the same company or entity; e.g. if you have a group of 6 people to send to the event, choose either of Group fees 1(Qty) and Individual fees 1(Qty). It will make 6 in total.

  • Every participant MUST submit Registration + Expenses (may opt out Cultural and/or Entertainment) fees.

  • Registration fees are not refundable and this is the entry payment to participate in the event.

  • Once all above procedures including registration and payments are completed, you will be emailed a link to download your personal or group Invitation Certificate which also will be verifiable through the name entry in the database on the right sidebar.

  • Those who require the Invitation Certificate mailed out to their physical address, add “Mail Out Fees” to the registration. For this option do not forget to email your mailing address for the courier mail delivery (FedEx, DHL, USPS, etc.).


Certified individual


Certified group (5)

Uncertified individual*

Uncertified group (5)*

Mail out fees (DHL, FEDEX, USPS)
* Includes certification fees


The fees include TUITION per each participant

 New York, USA

Vancouver, CANADA


Travel Insurance (each)

Airport Pick Up/Drop Off 

Cultural program/tours* (each)

Entertainment program* (each)
* Denotes to optional fees