While we welcome all our members and guests to this event, we have set some criteria and rules in order to organize, successfully plan and handle all procedures connected with the event. In this regard all those who wish to participate need to submit to these rules and requirements.

  • Must be at least intermediate level in English
  • Must be over 18 years of age
  • Must have a valid passport or a travel document
  • Must be in good health (for insurance purposes)
  • Must have full COVID-19 vaccination record
  • Record of no conviction (police certificate)
  • Should be financially secure.
  1. All participants must submit registration (non-refundable) fees prior to the deadline
  2. All participants need to have funds available for their:
    • Round-trip airfare
    • Room and board (sponsored partially)
    • Meal plans (sponsored partially)
    • Visa processing and red tape
    • Personal expenses
  3. Certified” individuals and groups are those who are certified by Tielc and hold the active status as franchisees.
  4. “Uncertified” individuals are those who are not certified by Tielc but agree to acquire the certification upon completion of seminars. “Uncertified” groups are companies, entities, organizations, schools, training centers, etc. which are not in any way affiliated with Tielc but wish to cooperate and participate in the event.
  5. All participants are subject to approval as they will have to submit the Candidate Form upon registration.  Their info will be verifiable through our database (see sidebar form). Those who are declined will have their registration fees reimbursed within 30 days from the registration date. Participants receive Certificate of a Listener and Proof of Training. Uncertified participants will be trained to acquire the corresponding certificate (tuition fees are included in the registration and deposit fees)
  6. Participants must be able to submit deposit fees upon invoice notification once the registration is confirmed. Deposit fees are used to ensure the commitment of the participant and are 80-90% refundable in due course in cases:
    • Visa is declined by the US, Canada or Azerbaijan Consul
    • Illness or extraordinary situation
    • No liabilities in force majeure situations
  1. Tuition fees:
    • $ 6,300     required (USA)
    • $ 5,200     required (CANADA)
    • $ 2,400     required (AZERBAIJAN)
  2. Travel Insurance – $ 220     required
  3. Cultural Program – $ 210     optional
  4. Pick Up/Drop Off – $ 160     required
  5. Leisure/Entertainment – $ 210     optional
  6. Room and Board fees vary and is discretional
    • *Advance payment for the Room/Board and Travel Insurance fees are required for visa  purposes
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